Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Nothing beats the cool and fresh air in the morning. That is why many are often seen in parks and in shopping mall grounds (SM City) walking and running. Even me, I prefer the morning jog rather than in the afternoon because of the air is different. I usually would wake up around 5 am. I would then prepare myself and wear my jogging clothes and running shoes for my daily exercise routine. At 5:10 am, I am already ready for my morning jogging and exercise. I always go the Shoe Mart grounds. There I get to meet different people who are also doing their exercise in the morning.

I usually run/jog around 5 turns in the ground before I do the walking. In exercising, it is important to do the stretching before the vigorous running. Stretching our muscles and doing some warm ups would help and prevent injury when doing the morning exercise. Spend at least 3 minutes in the stretching part. This I learned when I was in the varsity group in high school. We were always instructed by our coach never to do the running and jumping unless we already did the stretching and a little warm up.

After I completed the 5 turns in the grounds, I would then do the cool down by simply walking around until my heart beat goes to normal mode. This is also very important after a jog. After a couple of minutes, I go straight home just walking. By 6:45 am I am already home and prepare myself for my office job. In this time, we need to have a good exercise to have a healthy body.