Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Many people right now are into blogging and website creation. That is why I decided to make use of the talent that I have and teach upcoming bloggers and website aficionados in building their own site. Actually creating a website is easy and simple there are readily available platforms that you can use immediately. But for starters and those who want to get serious about this, I would suggest the following:

1. Pick a good name for your site. This is very basic to all and it is very important to pick a name or title that catches attention. If your site is more into the technology side, I would suggest that you think of a name that can be related to your site. Do not use names that are too hard to recall. Viewers always picks the site that has a cool name.

2. After having the platform that you will be using, you must always update your post. This is also important that your site offers new and updated post. Nobody wants to read old news. Freshness in article post is an essential required when you own a website or a blog for that matter.

3. Make sure that all of your post are original. Nobody wants to read posts that are copied from others. Originality counts when you are into this. I always tell this to my students that never copy any post for others. Readers want new and original post.

4. A good domain name and updated post is not enough. You must have a good web hosting for your site. I would suggest that you visit www.webhostinggeeks.com for they offer good web hosting services at an affordable price. I always recommend this web hosting company because I tried their service and I never had any problem with my website.

Knowing these things can be very useful when you start making your own website. It is easy, fast and convenient to all, especially for new ones in this field.