Wednesday, May 27, 2009


By Monday, schools will be opening again. So this means that all students have at least several days left to celebrate the long holidays/summer vacation. But school is really exciting and fun. It is exciting because you get to meet new classmates and new friends. I made a check list of the things that a student will be needing for the opening school this Monday. Here are the things that they will be needing:

1. Notebooks, this is where students write the important notes in the subject.
2. School bag, to place all the notebooks and text books in school.
3. Set of uniforms that the school requires.
4. Shoes, new or old ones will do.
5. Text books in school. This is very important for a student o have the required text books.
6. Lunchbox for the meals. In times like this we need to save ad budget our allowances.
7. Umbrella. When it is school opening, expect rains and showers since it is already June.

Well I guess everything is in here that a student that will be needed for this coming school opening. To all students, do good in school for this will shape your future later on.