Sunday, September 7, 2014


I honestly love all Rayban shades. specially the Wayfarer model shade. What I like about this wayfarer shades is that it can it is classic and the model can last a centuries and still remain on style. I remember visiting a shop where Wayfarer shades are sold. But When I looked at the price of the shades, my God! It is very expensive and is out of my budget. If I try to save money  out of my work, I will still not be able to buy it.

Because of my deep desire to own one. I kept visiting several malls in the city until one day I saw something that my eyes sparkled when I saw it. A Wayfarer Rayban shades....Immediately I asked the sales attendant about the shade. She said to me that it was a imitation of the original Wayfarer shades.

Without thinking of the word imitation, I bought it. Now I won a fake Wayfarer Rayban shade. Once you see it you won't see the difference from the original one.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Fiba World Basketball is on going right now. I believe the tournament is already on it's second stage or the group of 16 teams. I will try not to be subjective on this article that I am posting in reference to the subject, the Philippines. 

The Philippines is a basketball country. Many Filipinos are into the sport of basketball. In 2013, the Philippines won silver against the giant Iran the Fiba Asia Basketball championship. I never thought that I will still be excited to watch the Gilas Pilipinas basketball line up spearheaded by Jimmy Alapag. 

The Fiba basketball held in Spain right now is a breakthrough in Philippine basketball. It is because the Philippines has been absent for so long that my late father would probably remember it. Honestly I missed almost 4 games played by the Philippines under their division. But the last one was more meaningful to me. I screamed and clapped and a little leap of joy as I watch the Philippines battle the giants of Senegal. 

I would say, it was a close match and the game needed another 5 minutes so that the victor would standout. Thank God the Philippines won. Even though the Philippines only won once after 4 straight loses. It was still a game proving that Filipinos are ready to face the world of basketball.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Baby sitting is not a usual job taken by men. But on the contrary, I am starting to like it. I have 2 kids, 3 and 2 years of age. I am the one looking over them since their nanny is on leave. I am the one taking my eldest daughter to school and even preparing her meals in school. My youngest daughter is a darling. She is already nearly 2 years old and loves to be carried around the house. 

When their nanny was around, they kept watching this movie by Walt Disney titled Frozen. My eldest daughter always call herself Elsa and she even called her younger sister Anna. I thought maybe the names she mentioned were characters on the cartoon Frozen. And I was right. The names were the main characters of the story. May eldest daughter was so persistent in telling me to play Frozen every morning. So a dad must do what he has to do, I played the cartoon movie.

While watching the movie, my kids were already in their respective places in the sala and while I was also trying to get my full attention over the movie I was playing. While watching the movie, I fully understand why my kids love the Frozen movie by Walt Disney. Honestly, I still sing the songs in the movie even while I am driving to our house. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It is really not easy bringing your child to school, especially when you are not prepared. When your kid is now in school, parents must prepare everything. From school bag to books and even shoes. Now I just realized that when I am the one bringing and fetching my daughter in school. 

This morning, I was totally lost with the time. I bathe her and prepared her things that she will be needing when in school. In her school time, she must be inside her classroom by 10:30 am. I arrived in the school almost 10:40 am. Luckily another teacher was waiting outside and assisted me and my daughter as she enters the classroom.

After this day, I promised never to be late again. I will prepare her things early so that she can be in school on time. I will there is a school transport service that fetch my daughter in school. There are many transport service already offering this kind of service in their school. Maybe it's about time that I ask about this transport service.