Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I missed the market today

For the past 2 weeks, I have been busy doing the purchasing for the store supplies that I sell in the market. But this morning, 

I missed the morning job that I usually do. I was already awake as early as 3 am in the morning. But my mind change and I stayed in bed watching my wife and children sleeping. Maybe I was just savoring the moment with them. I guess I have to do the purchasing in the afternoon, after I do my errands in the morning. 

Preparing Andi For School

My second daughter is already 3 years old and by next year, she will be schooling. My wife told me that we should have a tutor for Andi so that when she takes the examination in SPC she will be accepted as K1 already.

Right now, Andi goes with her ate Ara in the evening for a tutor. Surprisingly, Andi really is doing good. I saw her paper test and she got a good grade from the tutor. When I asked Andi about it she was very happy to tell me that she got a perfect grade. I really feel guilty about this because I never thought her many things. Sometimes she would sat beside me and asked me to tell stories to her. 

I am looking forward to seeing her in school. I am trying to free my schedules so that when she goes to school, I will be able to be with her on that day. 


It is already mid September and the filing of candidacy is nearing. Mayor Rody Duterte is now called by many to run for president of the Republic of the Philippines. The other three aspirants have already shown interest for the position, vocally and silently. 

Rody Duterte is an action man. Davao City is now the most conducive for investments because of Rody Duterte. Many foreigners come to the city and really appreciate the peaceful environment of the city. They move around the city safely, transact with establishments without fear of snatchers and crooks. Locals are very friendly and polite. this is a good sign that Davao City is indeed a livable city. 

Overseas Filipino Workers are pushing the city mayor to run and save the country from crocodiles hiding themselves in barongs and formal dresses. The volunteers that unconditionally support Rody Duterte are growing in numbers. Spending their personal money just to endorse the mayor to run for presidency. The people are already fed up with the corruption and trapo moves that sting our culture as Filipinos. The call is rising everyday and Rody Duterte is the man being called. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


October is fast approaching and many Filipinos are waiting for the final candidates for the position of president of the Republic of the Philippines. In this year's presidential race, several names are already making waves and these are the following: Grace Poe, VP Jojomar Binay, Mar Roxas and Rudy Duterte (tentative).

Philippine presidential election is always the most awaited part where many candidates are hoping to land in the highest position in the country. In this time, expect many promises from the aspirants. It is like watching a television drama where the cast are all doing their scripted lines to lure people to their camp and vote for him/her. From the always famous "trapo moves" to the honest ones are all here.

For this year's campaign, the voting public will be choosing among the 4 aspirants. Grace Poe, the daughter of the late actor, Fernando Poe, is eager to take the position that was stolen from her father before he passed away. VP Jojomar Binay is a classic politician. From a mayor position to the vice presidency was simply amazing feat for this man. His record as mayor in Makati City is full of charms and scandals of corruption. These issues are now being address to him and once this guy wins the bag, I don't know whats next. Mar Roxas. Another presidential bet. The former DILG secretary and once hailed as Mr. Palengke, is now coming back from his loss last election when the current VP won against him. Now he want the bigger role. But the problem is he is not doing well in the current surveys. His palengke charm is not doing well this time. Rudy Duterte, the current mayor of Davao City is one big contender. Rudy Duterte has not yet shown any signs of interest in the position but many are longing and waiting for his decision. Davao City is hailed as the safest city in the world right now  because of this man's political will for change. His ideas and desire for country is admirable. 

In the coming days, expect more election related moves from these people. The 2016 presidential election is nearing and many are on the watch for these potential candidates for the election.