Monday, October 5, 2009


Have you ever tried to renew your automobile's registration? For the experienced people, well yes. They find it very easy to do that since they have been doing it for quite sometime. But for me, this is just my second time to do it. Early this morning, I went to the Land Transportation Office to renew my car's registration. It was quite easy if you know the things to do before going to the Land Transportation Office. Here are the steps to be done before registering your car:

1. Check the Official receipt and the Certificate of Registration. It would be better to photocopy these things for they are very important when you are going to process your car's registration.

2. Emission Test. Emission test is a kind of test that is done to your car to check whether your car is still worth driving based on car's exhaust.

3. Have your car stenciled. The chassis no. and the engine number. You have to fill up tha registration from.

4. Car Insurance. This is required by the registration office that your car must have an accident insurance. In my case, I just got the TPL type of insurance. It is cheaper compared to the comprehensive type of insurance. The difference is, your car and you is much safe and secured when you got the comprehensive type.

5. Attached your emission test result, photocopy of the Certificate of registration and the original copy of the official receipt of the previous year's payment and the insurance.

6. Submit in the Receiving area of the registration area. It would take around 1-2 hours before your car's papers be encoded. it would be advisable that you come to the Land Transportation Office early to avoid the crowd of people who are processing their car registrations also.

7. After the encoding of your papers, it will be released and you have to pay it in the cashier. ten proceed to the sticker and plate section for the stickers for your car.

The seven steps in car registration is very helpful for those first timers.