Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I just got home after paying my credit card bill at Makro. Upon arrival at the gate of our house, I noticed my wife standing outside the house, holding a hose and putting water on the bucket. I thought she was just watering the plants but when I open the gate, I saw her rinsing the clothes that she already finished washing.I immediately parked the car and took off my clothes and assisted my wife in the laundry.

I was the one doing the twisting and squeezing of the clothes.After that, I gave it to her for the hanging task. Doing laundry at night is much easier than doing the laundry in the morning. It is because the wind is cold and you don't feel tired even you are sweating. The only down side of it is that your clothes don't get dry because there is no sun to provide the heat. Wind dry is not enough. I think we will just leave the clothes outside for wind dry.

In doing washing clothes, I prefer using the granule type of soap rather than the bar type. It is because I can soak my clothes in the soap and let it stay for about a hour before I do the dirty job of washing the clothes. Our clothes are not dirty as other might think about it I little pound and squeeze and that's it.