Monday, September 7, 2009


I just got from a free dinner courtesy of Kit, my cousin who celebrated his 22nd birthday. I was not around during his birthday because I was in Mati. As they said, it is better to be late than never at all. The small feast for just the four of us was held at their residence in downtown area. We were not expecting guest since nobody was coming except us.

In their living room area, we dined and celebrated his day of birth. Mom was very vocal about the things Kit should do, since he will be taking the nursing board examination this coming November. I hope he will make it because that will shape his future as a nurse and land a job in a medical institution. I am proud of my cousin, I saw him grew from a young boy to a matured thinker.

My aunt cooked everything that we ate tonight. I was very stomach full after the sumptuous dinner at the house of my cousin. I was planning to give him something, maybe I have to buy something for him later on. Kit really wanted to have a play station and play his favorite game, NBA live. For he love basketball so much, the only problem is that he is short. He only stands around 5'3", pretty short for a guy. But he is good looking just like me.