Sunday, September 6, 2009


I was in Mati Davao Oriental last Saturday to attend the last day of my grandmother before she will be brought to the public cemetery in the province. Upon arrival , me and my mother, were greeted warmly by relative and friends in the place. We thought that the burial would be at 1 o' clock. But we were told that the burial would be by 2 pm in the afternoon.

I was the one driving our car going to the place. We left Davao City around 7 am and reached Tagum City at 8:25 am. My wife was with us since she was working in Tagum City. We proceeded to our apartment and took some time to rest before we go to Mati. The road to Davao oriental is under construction still right now. I would say it is not ideal for travel when using a car going there. SUV and trucks are ideal for travel to Davao Oriental.

I was told that the remains will be taken to the cathedral central in Mati Davao Oriental. I really don't have any idea where it was but I just thought I would rather follow the procession of cars and not to deviate from it, that I usually do. In the cathedral, the farewell mass was held and after that pictures were taken. I noticed that many of my cousins were crying and even my aunts and uncles too. I would admit that my eyes were teary but it never fell down. After the mass, we proceeded immediately to the cemetery. It was a 80 degrees climb and has a narrow road that only pedicabs can access. I was scared that I may not make it to climb that type of road condition. I must control my pedals very well or else I might bump the car behind me if my car falls back. I was just happy to make it that kind of drive. Even the exit was very difficult because the road was going down and it was a rough road, composed of soil and some loose gravels.

After the burial, we went back to the house of my aunt and ate some food. Rice grains were thrown to the people. It was a sign of thanks for the people who accompany my grandmother to her last day. We were also told to wash our hands in the basin with water and some plants floating on in. After those rituals, it was food time again. I ate some food that were being served and bid my farewell to my aunt. We have to leave because the poor condition of the road makes it harder to travel at night. For you cannot see the holes on the road. The burial was organized properly by my cousin. It was a solemn and simple burial for my grandmother. May she rest in peace in the hands of our Lord. Fare well Lola Goyang, we will miss you.