Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I just realized that me and my wife, will be celebrating our first year anniversary this October 11. Time really moves fast and few more days to go and that big day is finally here. I really don't know how to celebrate it. But I guess traveling would be a good idea. The last time I had a long vacation was when we went to Hong Kong for our honeymoon. But I am still considering traveling this anniversary celebration as we turn One.

I am thinking about going to Cebu City or Kalibo for the celebration. I just have to determine where really I want to go. My wife really wanted to go to Manila and proceed to Laguna for the Enchanted Kingdom. But will only materialized when the airplane fare is affordable. I was informed that commercial airlines are lowering the fare rate by the end of September and by that, we just need to wait for that.

I really needed a long vacation this time for me to unwind myself and relieve my body from the stress of working in the office. My wife also needed that for her to unwind too. When the final place will be final on where we will be going, I will just keep you updated always.