Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I thinks it is already 2 weeks now and still my cough is still with me. I got a cough and then fever and now the fever is gone and still my cough rages on. I am like a dog right now. I cough and cough all the time. I already taken some medications, but no effect. I am considering going to the medical expert to consult my cough condition. It is very irritating and disturbing when I cough in the office.

I already took robitussin gel capsules and still my cough is still bothering me all the time. I don't bring handkerchief with me. When I cough I just cover my mouth with my hands. I don't want to cause an outbreak in the office and make others ill. Maybe the problem is with me. I don't take my medicines religiously as stated in the medical book. I miss sometimes my medicines. Few more days and if my cough goes on, I would admit myself in the hospital for proper medical attention.