Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yes! Finally it is already BER month. This means that few months from now, we will be celebrating Christmas again. That means gifts and gifts for all. I can now hear Christmas carols and songs related to the season. I guess I need to prepare the Christmas tree so that I can decorate our house easily.

This Christmas will be extra special for us because there are new additions to our growing family. This the first time that we will be celebrating Christmas with my new niece, CLoi. I want to make the season special, I have decided to buy new decorations for our Christmas Tree and some brand new lights. I really need to replace the old ones since that are so many lights that are busted already.

Early shopping for Christmas is very ideal right now to avoid the Christmas rush. People tend to do panic buying when Christmas is approaching. Malls and shopping centers here in our city are now preparing for the season of Christmas. I guess I need to do my Christmas list, things to buy for Christmas. I better start writing now so that I won't forget the smallest details in my Christmas list.