Thursday, September 3, 2009


I just got home from my shopping at SM this evening with my wife. I bought some things for the house and my wife bought some curtains for our house in Tagum City. There are so many things on sale right now at SM (Shoe Mart). I thought that the sale was just for the Kadayawan festival (A celebration of bountiful harvest). It was good that we did not bought during the Kadayawan festival because there are more items sale right now compared during the Kadayawan Festival sale.

I bought three trash bins for 100 pesos and for me that is a best buy already. I also bought a shoe rack for the shoes in our house. It was very much needed because our shoes are scattered all over the house, including the living room. I also bought a small notebook. I will use this to record my expenses because I am trying to control my expenses right now.

My computer here in the house really needed to be replaced because I can feel that there is a problem with my computer monitor. But I don't have to worry because I already told my wife that I am bringing the computer in Tagum City here so that I can use it for my blogging jobs. Hay!

I hope that the United States of America will recover from the crisis so that more tasks will be given to bloggers around the world. My wife and I are going to talk about our plans because in this time, we really need to make this happen. It's a make or break for us. We really need to prepare ourselves for the future.