Monday, August 31, 2009


I am finally home from my wake vigil in Mati Davao Oriental. The road going to Mati is really not ideal for travel, especially those using cars. There are roads that are being constructed right now. Usually, the travel to Mati City would take around 2 hours only from Tagum City. That's the most already. But our trip from Tagum City to Mati lasted almost 3 hours because of the poor road condition.

The interment will be on Saturday, September 5. I will be on leave to attend the burial of my grandmother on that day. When we arrived in Mati City, we immediately went to the town proper and got a room for our stay. It was very necessary because we drove almost 6 hours total and wee need a place to stay and sleep to recover from the tiring trip to Mati City. We dined at Rambohan, a local barbecue eatery that offers with range of barbecues to all it's customers. Around 7 pm, we proceeded to the house of our aunt where the body of my grandmother lies. We stayed there until 1 am and went straight to Beatrice Hotel to sleep.

Early morning, we had our breakfast at the local dinner at the ground floor of the hotel. Our meal cost 460 pesos only for 7 people. The bill was paid by mommy, as she volunteered herself to pay for the meal. Our stay for one night cost 1,160, includes an additional bed on the floor. Mom stayed there.

There were so many revelations during our stay in the house and that I will share to you all later on. But now, I really need to have a good sleep for my legs are aching due to the long rough drive from Mati City to Davao City