Sunday, August 9, 2009


The election is upcoming next year. Many young people are very excited to cast their votes. I would say, the presidential elections is very colorful this 2010. It is because many presidential aspirants are very visible in their commercial ads on television. 2010 the people who are seeking for the presidency are the following: Noli De Castro, Mar Roxas, Manny Villar, and others more. There may be more additional to the line up for the election for 2010.

A country that is free exercises the right to suffrage and voting on who will lead them is a clear example of it. The country is at pain right now for the lack of qualified leader that will lead this country to heaven and not to hell. As they say many are called but only one is chosen to lead this country to glory again.

I remember my grandmother before. She was very vocal about the status of the Philippines during her time. The President that time was Ramon Magsaysay. She said that life living those days were easy and convenient. Prices of basic commodities and affordable and Filipinos were in high morale. A simple shoemaker can afford paying the schooling of his 11 children and send them to private schools. But now, that is just a dream that cannot be fulfilled. Unlike now that the Philippines ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world right now. What went wrong?

People commit mistakes, mistakes that cause them their life for it. It is because they elected the wrong person to be the president for the country. The Philippines will regain it's name only if we elect the right person to the position.