Monday, August 10, 2009


I was in Kidapawan City this morning and I got so many things that I would like to share to all. Just to give you guys a little background about Kidapawan City. It 2 and a half hour trip from Davao City. The City is known for it's fruits and other products. It is said the food basket of North Cotabato. The major transport in the city is the tricycle or pedicab for more understanding. Kidapwan City is regularly peaceful but there are events in the past that continue to haunt the city's image. The Bombing incident in the market area and the public terminal are just some of the bad things that happened before. Kidapawan City is a cold place to hangout. The City is clean and air is fresh. Jogging in the morning is advisable to do in the morning in Kidapawan City.

As I was walking in the public market, I was listening to some conversations by the locals. One was willing to be recruited as hoodlum just to generate money for his family. Living in this time is very hard and being a criminal is a good option just to generate money and to provide food for the table. No wonder, north Cotabato is considered a very dangerous place to stay. Crime is just a news in the newspaper. Money is the root of all problems in the place. i hope those people reconsider what they were thinking. Doing wrong is nor good. As they say, the end doesn't justify the means.