Thursday, August 6, 2009


It was the best game ever! I am referring to our basketball game this afternoon. I guess my body has regained the condition that I wanted for the game. I never felt tired in the entire game and I also grabbed a couple of rebounds. My stamina is back again. But I need to practice my shooting skills because I was not able to convert a basket in the entire game. But that's fine for me. As they say, you can't have everything in this world.

Our schedule for the next game would be next week, after my field work in North Cotabato. Playing basketball really is a good for our body. In makes us alert and responsive to all things. It is also a good cardio sport for the heart. My brother always play basketball always. They have their basketball team and they regularly play every Wednesdays. My brother invited me once to join their game but I refused because I have so many things to do that day.