Wednesday, June 3, 2009


For the past two months already, I have been taking lots of multivitamins for my health. As they say health is wealth. That is why I make sure that I eat balance diet and multivitamins. I have Clusivol, Lecit E, Myra 300 E, Conzace and stress tabs. May be if I am going to make an inventory of multivitamins, I will be able to make my own pharmacy because of the medicines that I take, but that is good actually. This I noticed that when I take too much of the vitamin E, I notice pimples would then pop-out in my face. Maybe this is because of the vitamin e.

Taking multivitamins helps and protect our body against diseases. It also helps our body develop the needed antibodies for protection. Now that I take these multivitamins, I feel complete and free from harmful diseases. I would recommend this to all for it is very important to our health.