Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just got a copy of the accident report on the car accident that I was into. The report contains the sketch of the vehicles that collide and the report made by the investigating officer. I was reading the report and I finally got the idea that I was bumped by the other vehicle. After the accident, I am shocked and don't know what to say. Maybe that is why there is a police report in every accident. It has been observed that the Month of May is a month of accidents. That is why drivers and pedestrians are given information regarding road safety.

Speaking of accidents, there was an accident that happened around 2 am this morning. It was a fuel container truck and a gay. The gay was hit by the truck and cause death to the gay person. According to her friends, the person was just walking along the national highway when suddenly a truck bumped him in the back. According to the driver of the truck, he was just doing 20-30 kilometers an hour when this gay person was bumped. According to the driver, the person might have committed suicide. The driver is now detained because of the accident.