Thursday, June 4, 2009


I just finished doing the laundry this evening. I was supposed to be in a party of my friend who recently got married to his long time girlfriend. The party venue was in the house of my friend. I was called personally by him and told me to come to his wedding celebration party. But I came to my lazy point and I decided not to come to the party without any valid reason. Well, because I don't have anything to do, I decided to make my idle time to be more fruitful and make use of the time rather than just sitting and watching the old movies.

I checked out the laundry box and found out that I had an Everest of pile clothing that needs to be conquered. Thank God I bought a laundry soap last Sunday and some fabric conditioners for fabric softener. With all the things that I need, I ready and set to conquer the pile of laundry. Maybe it was just a blessing in disguise that I am doing the laundry because I heard a horn blowing at the gate. When I checked the gate it was my friend informing me about the party. When he saw the pile of clothes to be washed, he immediately told me that I am excused from the party because of the laundry and that for him was already a valid reason for me not to be there. I told him that after the laundry I might catch up and be in his party.