Sunday, November 2, 2014

The voice season 2 has plenty to reason to watch for

This is my second Sunday in a row that I watched The Voice Season 2, Philippine edition. Tonight was a big surprise for me. I realized that not all good voice will be accepted. There was this contestant that I think deserves to be in the main season. She was a US based Filipina, teaching in the school. She went back to the Philippines just to join the blind auditions for the Voice of the Philippines season 2. Sadly, she never made any judge turn their chairs. After she rendered a song, she requested to make a duet with Ms. Lea Salonga. It was a blast when they sang a Miss Saigon song.

For the judges, it was a clear miss on their part when they did not turned chair on this young talented lady. She would have been a good choice for any of them. But even though no chairs turned, still Ms. Lea Salonga gave her a number to make it to Broadway.