Monday, June 29, 2015


It has been awhile since my last post on my blog. I was busy for the past months going back to school and reading all the reading materials that the board gave to us.But anyway, I am here again. Maybe I should share what I did for the past months of being away from my laptop. Last 2014, my brother told me that he was going to take up a comprehensive real estate seminar. I thought that maybe it was his move to a career advancement since he works in bank. I told him if I could catch up with with and join him in the CRES (Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar) that he was talking that time. Maybe it was really not for me because he told me that the listing was already closed. So I decided to go on with my life as an entrepreneur. Until last January of 2015 when my brother told me that there is another batch of CRES that will be held on February. Immediately I enrolled myself in the seminar. 

From February to March, during Saturdays and Sundays, I have to get out of the house early and listen to various speakers for 8 hours in avenue packed with different people. Wanting to learn about real estate. From lawyers to doctors were present during the seminar days. It was a short class but packed of brilliant minds. I would admit that It was not easy to go back to school again after 14 years of being away. During the seminar, we were informed that it would be the last batch of seminarians for the real estate course.

Here in the Philippines, There is a law on real estate service or the RA 9646 of better known as the RESA LAW. This law regulates the selling of real estate properties to real estate service practitioners who are licensed to perform acts as real estate service practitioners. Unlicensed individual, trying to sell others property is no longer allowed this time. They can be imprisoned by their acts and can also dangerous to transact with them.

After the CRES, I reviewed and prepared myself for the board the examination. I also attended the final coaching. There was a calendar schedule that was given to me. It was a 7 days review schedule that I must follow. Unfortunately, I was not able to follow it because in the middle of the final week before May 24, my wife gave birth. we stayed 3 days waiting for the baby to come out. My study schedule was out of track. After she gave birth, I went back to the schedule  3 days behind. Cramming was the right word for me. The board examination was near and I needed to review on 8 subjects more. I remembered reading a 2 inch thick book just in 2 hours. My mind was about to blow. Overloaded with different ideas. Stress but fighting to pass the examination for real estate brokers.

Examination day. My brother and I were together in the room. We were already in the venue as early as 6:30 am, as advised by the professional regulation commission or PRC. There were 3 parts. For the first 2, I was always first to pass my test paper. I was confident that I answered it correctly in my best ability. The third part was different. It was super difficult and demoralizing, especially the questions that were out of this world. Confident as always, I know that I only needed a few to pass the examination. After the examination, my brother asked me how well did I do. I said to him that we passed that examination.

After 4 days of waiting. The sleepless nights finally paid off. At around 12 am, the PRC published online the successful passers. out of 10,000++ examinee, only 5,000++ made it. I was just very fortunate that my name was on that list. Now I am a professinal real estate broker.