Monday, October 27, 2014


I am doing a buy and sell business right now. Most of my customers are hospitals and food institutions. The main item that I deliver to these entities are my plastic sando bags. The sando bags that I deliver are not just ordinary plastic bags. These are biodegradable and food grade approved. This makes my sando bags different from other plastic sando bags that are sold in the market. 

Here in the city, sando bags are very in demand because it is affordable and widely used. Today, I just encountered another problem in the procurement of these bags. It is because not all sando bags have 100 pieces content.Mostly sando bags are packed by 80 pieces. Aside from the quantity, there is a color that my customer needs. The color must be green and yellow only. No other color than that. In the color yellow, I don't have any problem with that because there are plenty of stocks around that I can buy. But the green is a big problem for me. This makes the sando bags hard to find. 

My suppliers told me that their stock of green sando bags are limited and I have to wait until tomorrow so that they will be able to procure the number of bags that I am requesting from them. I need to deliver these sando bags as soon as possible. The hospital is in need of it and I am pressured by this. I need to get those sando bags to the hospital or else I might lose this customer of mine.