Friday, September 5, 2014


Fiba World Basketball is on going right now. I believe the tournament is already on it's second stage or the group of 16 teams. I will try not to be subjective on this article that I am posting in reference to the subject, the Philippines. 

The Philippines is a basketball country. Many Filipinos are into the sport of basketball. In 2013, the Philippines won silver against the giant Iran the Fiba Asia Basketball championship. I never thought that I will still be excited to watch the Gilas Pilipinas basketball line up spearheaded by Jimmy Alapag. 

The Fiba basketball held in Spain right now is a breakthrough in Philippine basketball. It is because the Philippines has been absent for so long that my late father would probably remember it. Honestly I missed almost 4 games played by the Philippines under their division. But the last one was more meaningful to me. I screamed and clapped and a little leap of joy as I watch the Philippines battle the giants of Senegal. 

I would say, it was a close match and the game needed another 5 minutes so that the victor would standout. Thank God the Philippines won. Even though the Philippines only won once after 4 straight loses. It was still a game proving that Filipinos are ready to face the world of basketball.