Sunday, September 7, 2014


I honestly love all Rayban shades. specially the Wayfarer model shade. What I like about this wayfarer shades is that it can it is classic and the model can last a centuries and still remain on style. I remember visiting a shop where Wayfarer shades are sold. But When I looked at the price of the shades, my God! It is very expensive and is out of my budget. If I try to save money  out of my work, I will still not be able to buy it.

Because of my deep desire to own one. I kept visiting several malls in the city until one day I saw something that my eyes sparkled when I saw it. A Wayfarer Rayban shades....Immediately I asked the sales attendant about the shade. She said to me that it was a imitation of the original Wayfarer shades.

Without thinking of the word imitation, I bought it. Now I won a fake Wayfarer Rayban shade. Once you see it you won't see the difference from the original one.