Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It is really not easy bringing your child to school, especially when you are not prepared. When your kid is now in school, parents must prepare everything. From school bag to books and even shoes. Now I just realized that when I am the one bringing and fetching my daughter in school. 

This morning, I was totally lost with the time. I bathe her and prepared her things that she will be needing when in school. In her school time, she must be inside her classroom by 10:30 am. I arrived in the school almost 10:40 am. Luckily another teacher was waiting outside and assisted me and my daughter as she enters the classroom.

After this day, I promised never to be late again. I will prepare her things early so that she can be in school on time. I will there is a school transport service that fetch my daughter in school. There are many transport service already offering this kind of service in their school. Maybe it's about time that I ask about this transport service.