Friday, January 31, 2014


I woke up early this morning to visit the auto repair shop. My Kia CD 5 vehicle was experiencing problem in it's engine performance. In my calculation for every liter of gasoline, the car would only run for about 9 kilometers. This is very short for a Kia CD5 model vehicle.

The mechanic immediately checked my vehicle upon my arrival at the shop. Instantly, he noticed the car sound and performance as stepped on the car. The pick up was short. He told me that my car is not performing well and because of this, I am throwing money for gasoline with few mileage. 

As I agree to the repair cost, the mechanic immediately took the carburetor of the vehicle. He said to me that the problem was there. It must be overhauled to optimized the car performance. I waited for about 5 hours just to fully repair the vehicle. 

Having a vehicle can be very expensive, especially when your car is already 20 years old. Like my Kia CD5, it is a 1990 model. Think about the wear and tear of the vehicle. The only good about my car is that I was never left in the road by this car.