Saturday, January 11, 2014


All of us are constantly moving from one direction to another. From house to the office and vice versa. There are several means of transport going to your desired destination. You can take the train, public utility vehicles (taxi) or perhaps a an air plain ride if the distance is quite far. But most of us would prefer to drive his/her own personal car. Buying a brand new car can be very expensive. Think about the gasoline prices and the maintenance of the vehicle.If you have the money, that is not a problem. But if you are in a tight budget, a second hand car will come very useful. 

There are many second hand cars available right now. From a simple sedan to a sports cars are already available. There is a saying that "another's old is someone's new." This is what second vehicle is described right now. Before I convince you about buying second hand cars, think about this short  things to consider before buying a second hand car.

1. Is it needed. Try to evaluate if you really need to buy a second hand car or not. Think about the cost involve like fare if you take the public transport that are available. If there is a big savings in driving your own car then maybe it is a thought to consider.

2. Cost of repair and gasoline cost. Let's face it, old car requires more maintenance than brand new ones. A second hand car consume more gas than new ones. Every car needs to be maintained. Without maintenance, the vehicle's engine might be in trouble and that would require a repair. 

3. Registrations and Insurances.  All vehicles, new or second hand, must  be registered in the local transportation office. Without car registration, your car cannot run. Insurances also comes with the registration. Having a vehicle insurance makes the owner more secured when there are accidents during travel. depending on the coverage of the insurance. The more coverage, the more the insurance becomes expensive. 

4. Model and make. This means year model and the maker of the car. It is best to buy old cars that are not yet over 5 years old from its model. It is because there are spare parts that might be obsolete already since this is already beyond 5 years use. Car manufacturer can also be considered. The better the manufacturer the better the car they produce. 

4. Government regulations. There are old cars that are considered road unworthy. It is because the emission of these vehicles are high compared to the new ones. It is best to buy old second hand cars that are only 2-3 years old from the model date. 

These are just simple tips that can be very helpful in your plan of buying a second hand car.