Thursday, January 23, 2014


I am really doing what is best when you are not working. I get to go to different place and focus on my business in the market. But aside from that, I am now free to watch television and follow my favorite shows. This is really what I love to do. Now that I have resigned from my work, I get to do these things. 

Before the clock strikes 12 pm, I must be free to watch Please be careful with my heart starred by Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap or Sir Chief as he is more famously known. The story is soft and not the typical shows where there is fighting and slapping among characters. You will really love watching this show on television.

The actress, Jodi Sta. Maria, is one character that I love to see. She used to be the nanny of the daughter of the lead actor. Jodi Sta. Maria was studying while baby sitting the daughter of Sir Chief. She finished her course and worked as a flight attendant for an airline company.

In this scene, Jodi Sta. Maria is now pregnant and she is experiencing some mood swings usually common when a woman is pregnant. There was one scene where Jodi Sta. Maria was craving for the pancit that her husband is cooking. It is really sweet to watch.