Thursday, September 26, 2013


Welcome to the married life. After spending months and even years of preparation for your wedding day is finally over. The next day when you wake up means that it is day 1 of your life being married. Since this is a special day I have prepared a list of things to do after your wedding day. Here is the list to do after your wedding day:

1. Secure all the gifts. It is expected that after the wedding, gifts will surely occupy space in your home. In some places, couple would prefer to receive money rather than tangibles. If it is money, put it in your account. You will use it in the future. If tangibles, select the things that you would be using in your home and keep those you will be using in the future. 

2. Prepare the thank you cards. It would be appropriate to thank those people who witnessed your wedding day. A simple thank you card will be good. 

3. Visit your in-laws. Respect to your new family is very important. Visit your in-laws and thank theme for the support that you receive from them. 

4. Plan for the next thing. Many are expecting a baby. It is reality of newly weds that people around them are very keen and excited about the baby news. Some couple would prefer to enjoy each others company first. A year of being couple would be ideal for newly weds. Enjoying each others company makes the married life more exciting and fun. 

Being married is fun and it is a stage of a person's life that he/she would be encountering more responsibilities in life.