Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I was caught in a heavy traffic last night and it was a terrible situation. Looking outside the window of my car, I saw many stranded commuters waiting for their ride home. Many cars were blowing their horns because some vehicles were trying to shift lanes just to make it forward. I heard one passenger inside the jeep saying that they would look for a place to stay since they were already late for their plane going to Manila. 

The scenario was in Quirino Avenue. Looking for a place to stay is not a problem. There are plenty of cheap hotels situated in the area. All of them is just a walk away from another. Usually rooms vary depending on the hotel where you want to stay.

There is one hotel that offer wi-fi service and a complete air conditioned room with hot and cold shower at only 250 pesos. This amount is very affordable for a budget hotel. I think this is already a good find for a hotel. Security is also excellent since you can relax without thoughts of danger into your mind.

At 11:00 pm. I was already home. My kids were already asleep and I have to take my dinner. It was an unforgettable experience caught in a traffic for almost 5 hours.