Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Chinese New Year is now approaching. There are many belief that 13 fruits will bring good fortune in celebrating the Chinese New Year. Other would spend money in buying 13 different fruits just to bring good luck. 

I have a friend who is a Chinese and they still follow the 13 fruits in the table. As they welcome the new year, foods are plenty in their table. They make sure that they all together feast on the foods prepared when the clock strikes 12 am. This is what they believe and it brought good fortune to them.

My grandfather was also a Chinese. He arrived here in Davao City during the World War II. After the war he decided to open a restaurant. it is very typical Chinese business to open a restaurant. I remember him preparing Chinese New Year by cooking a simple dish called Misua Soup. Misua is a small white noodle and he would mix it with garlic and ginger and with a hard boiled egg on it. If there are 12 member in the family, there will also be 12 boiled eggs. Every member has his/her own egg to eat for the Chinese New Year.