Saturday, January 25, 2014


Old houses, barns, and dirty rooms are just some of the favorite places where our friendly rodent or mouse loves to stay. We have an old house in the city where we rarely visit. One time, I went to the place to clean it. I noticed some small poos on the floor I knew a mouse is in the premises.

I checked the rooms and noticed that that the mouse had already destroyed the old foam bed by burrowing in the middle. Honestly, I am afraid of mouse. It is because they are dirty and they carry various diseases that are dangerous to human health. 

Before, we use this bait mixed with killing chemicals that will cause death to the mouse that eats it. It was dangerous to use it again because people living in the house where the mouse is dwelling might get poison by the bait. 

If you house is infested with mouse, then your health is in danger. You must eradicate all the mouses by:

1. Have a cat. Cats eat mouses and that is a reality. Mouse can't play when the cat is around.
2. Clean your surroundings. Dirty environment is very ideal for mouse dwelling.
3. Hire an exterminator. There are plenty of firms right now that specialize in mouse hunting and they are good on it.
4. Fly trap. Fly trap is usually used to catch flies but it can also be use as a mouse trap. The only problem is that fly trap can only trap small mouse and not the big ones. 
5. Get a real mouse trap. There are plenty of mouse traps available in the grocery and hardware stores. Just ask the sales attendant. 

These are tips that might come in handy when dealing with mouse-rodent in your houses.