Saturday, August 10, 2013


Its been quite awhile since I saw a basketball match on TV. The FIBA 2013 hosted by the Philippines is something worth watching. Tonight's game between the host, Philippines versus Korea was hair raising. I admit I screamed and cheered for my country. I never felt this way since the 1990's championship of Alaska milkmen. 

Going back to the basketball game, The Philippines played like there is no tomorrow and beat Korea fair and square. It clearly shows that the country's basketball program is now improving and basketball talents are overflowing. It was a close game and worth watching.

In the first quarter, the Koreans were showing great defense. In the second quarter, the Philippines completely dominated the game, showing team work. The third quarter was still a close match Koreans stayed close. 3 pointers and outside quick shots are trademark of the Koreans. It is a talent that is unmatched by other teams in the FIBA Asia. The fourth quarter was breathless. I cannot count the times when I shouted and leaped. I remembered I was already standing in the dying minutes of the game. Finally it was over and the Philippines defeated Korea in a close one...Nice job guys....I am excited in the World Basketball in Spain....