Friday, April 13, 2012


The bid to get a chance to put a satellite into space once again failed for the North Korea. The world  opposes it so much and still the North Korea pushed the flight. Sad to say, the rocket exploded into pieces before it can reach the orbit zone. 

There are two sides of the story here that I would to express my personal opinion about. First. There is nothing wrong about going to space and exploring the universe for greater information. The North Korea believes that the rocket that they launched would bring more information about the universe. It is a purely scientific purposes and that is good for a country that is suffering from discrimination in the world. Even here in the Philippines, we would love to have our own space satellite in space. That would bring the country proud and that would be another milestone in the Philippine history. The second point that would like to express my opinion is that, the North Korean people are suffering right now. They are struggling to get into the right track, unless their leader is removed, by force or by his own will, from power. The other big countries believed that it is a threat to the security of other countries. North Korea is a known anti America crusader and that is the problem right here.

North Korea has violated almost all the UN policies there is and they should be stop, right now. If the launch was successful, the Philippines will be one of the countries that will suffer from rocket debris in its waters. The United States of America invaded Iraq and Afghanistan easily without announcement. Why not invade North Korea. Is USA afraid of the North Korea or China, the closest ally of the Red North.