Saturday, April 21, 2012


When I was still single, going to places was like heaven for me. I get to visit many places and the best part is that, everything is paid by the company. This is the kind of job that I do for the past 10 years of my career. In away, the company where I am working has helped me in many thing and even intangibles as well. Before, I was afraid of travelling because of the negative feedbacks that I received from my friends who are living in the provinvinces. But that all changed when I worked. My mind has opened to many things and the reality of the life in the provinces and neighboring cities.

After I got married in 2008, my thinking of travelling did not changed. In fact, I enjoyed it more. My wife was very understanding and wanted me to enjoy the thing that I love to do best and that is travelling. As they say, nothing remains constant exept change. That is what I felt right now. I have one child and I miss her when I travel. In the night, I remember things that my little daughter do. The words that she spoke and things that she show to us, parents.

That is why, before I go to the province, I make it sure that I spend time with her, play with her and even bathe her because she likes taking a bath and having a small pool in the basin that is already small for her size. These are memoroes that I bring with me when I travel.

At night, me and my wife would talk and I would ask her about the things that our daughter is doing. Our phone then be handed to my daughter so that she can hear my voice. Every morning, I would tell my daughter to do the stretching thing because like to do it. She would then tell me that her hands and legs were bitten by the ants. I would then kiss her legs and hands to relieve her make believe pains caused by the ant bites.

These are just things that I miss when I travel. It is hard out here alone. No family to look at and a kid that can take away all the pain of working. In a few days, I will be home and I know that my little daughter would greet me with a big "HEY" because that is what we do when we see each other.