Friday, April 6, 2012


Today is Black Saturday. Me and my wife are just here at home. Right now, they are asleep with Reese Arabella, my daughter. Even if it is black Saturday, I still went to the car shop and have my car aligned. Some say that Holy Week should be a rest week. Not for me. Even it is a holy week, I still did some errands.

I am still up right now. I can't sleep so I better make use of it and make some blog posts. It is hot and the Holy Week is the mark of summer. According to my brother, they might go to the beach tomorrow since it is Easter Sunday already. Me, I have to drive to Davao City again on Sunday to meet with my in-laws.

What I like about the Holy Week is that I get to spend time with my daughter, Reese Arabella and my wife, Erica. This is the longest day that we are together as a family. It is really nice to be in this kind of mode where there is a bonding between us. So to all, Have A blessed Holy Week.