Thursday, March 22, 2012


I was already feeling the dryness in my eyes and I cannot bare it. I was in the mall this afternoon. As I was walking the isle of the mall, I saw this eye glasses shop. I went inside and have my eyes checked by the eye doctor. I told her my are getting dry and this is caused by the computer radiation of the monitor. Immediately, I went into this eye machine. The doctor said to me that my eyes are in good condition and she only noticed a small amount of correction. After the equipment, I went into this small room and the docotr made me use this funny looking glasses and covered my eyes one by one. There was a screen that showed images of letters and colors and lines. I was amde to answer several questions based on what I see on the screen. After that, the docotr said that the dryness that I experienced in my eyes was caused by too much exposure to the computer screen. She advised my to wear computer eye glasses so that my eyes will be protected from the screen radiation.

I went to their gallery of eye glass frames and selected the most affordable eye glass frame. I only paid 795 pesos for the computer eye glasses and I was advised to come back after 2 hours. Honestly, I am excited to wear the eye glasses because I want my eyes to be protected, not only during computer exposure, but also during walking. Dust might get into my eyes and may cause irritation. After 2 hours of waiting, I got my new computer eye glasses that I am wearing right now. I just think that my eyes deserves this kind of protection and I am happy to have it right now.