Sunday, April 22, 2012


The fight over the shoal has now entered the cyber world. It first started as the Chinese hackers attacked the the website of the University of the Philippines. In retaliation of that Filipino hackers also attacked several site from China. This fight for the shoal has now become big.

China is now bullying countries and this is a clear example of how big country, like China, can do without the intervention of the United Nation. This dispute will continue until no foreign intervention comes. China and the Philippines are both claimants of the Scarborough Shoal or the Panatag Islands. If we try to look at the shoal, China is far away from the shoal compared to the Philippines.

The United Nations should step into this matter before it get worst. The Philippines will not stop and will defend its territory at all cost. China is testing how tough the Philippines is. China may have the weapons but the Philippines has a heart for it.

President Benigno Aquino III should act and do all the necessary things that should be done to get the island. No foreign power should shove us form our own soil.