Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Everyday, the city of General Santos experience 2-4 hour of brownout a day. If you are thinking that is a bad thing, you're wrong. In some municipalities in North Cotabato, they experience 8 hours a day of no electricity. That is more sad because many business establishments, who cannot afford to buy a generato,r would close their operation until electricity resumes leaving them a day of business loss, particularly Internet cafes.

In the news, it was reported that this rotational brownout will be experience more since the dams that produces electricity are no longer efficient since these dams are already old and they needed to be repaired. The government has already showed no interest of repairing these dams because it would incur a large amount of pesos, billions to be exact.

The option here is to welcome new business investors that will be investing in power generation business and that would mean cooperatives that are engaged in power generation would have a new competitor in the areas where they are operating.

The president of the Republic of the Philippines has already admitted that dam generation of electricity is no longer enough. Indirectly speaking, he wanted private entities to operate a electrity generating plant, which many locals disapprove because of the hazard plants do to the environment, like coal power plants. These plants emits smoke that can ruin the air in the location.

Here is a question. Would you have an electricity but will ruin the environment or stay in this condition where we get a 2-8 hours of brownouts? Let the people decide....