Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Last Monday, my father-in-law was rushed to the hospital due his heart problem. Immediately, he was placed in the intensive care unit or ICU since he needed immediate attention. According to the attending doctor, his hemoglobin count was already low and he must be given fresh whole blood. The cause of this was he has a bleeding colon and that was the cause of his low hemoglobin count. When my wife informed me about it, I was already en route to the province for my field work.

Lat night, my wife told me that father is already out from the icu room and now resting in his regular room. Bleeding colon is a very dangerous. It can lead to cancer if not immediately given medical attention. According to the doctors, father must undergo surgery but the problem is that they cannot assure recovery to the patient. It can lead to more serious complications and even death to the patient.

Before he was admitted, father went to a herbalist or naturapathy practitioner. According to the herbalist, father must need to undergo medical check up before he can make a program for him. I saw the patients that went through the program and all of them are in good condition right now. I told my wife that after this admission, father must take all the medicines that will stop the bleeding and after that he will try the natural program. This is the best option that we have right now and less expensive as well.