Saturday, February 4, 2012


When I was in high school, my teacher in mythology, kept talking about the story of the Clash of the Titans. In the story of man and gods are at war with each other. Even the gods and goddesses are war against each other. Until just recently, I saw the movie of the story Clash of the Titans.

I never expected that that story will be happening right now in the digital world of technology. Two juggernauts, Apple and Samsung are raging war with each other with their gadgets. Apple is a company that originated in America while Samsung is a company that originated in Korea. Two different companies and in two different continents.

Apple has been noted as the originator of all the slim gadgets and others just follow. The release of the iPad touch note by Apple was a big hit in America and even in other countries. The gadget was a success and it was selling like hotcakes in the digital market. According to some techie commentators, the iPad units of Apple was the best digital invention for it was light and has all the features of a laptop. The cool features of this gadget makes it standout among others. But not all things stay the same with Samsung around.

Samsung is now knocking in the market as they created a gadget like an iPad but has the cool features of a phone. Samsung created the Galaxy series of tabs and it comes in different sizes. Galaxy units are more of salable right now because of the price difference between these two amazing gadget companies. Galaxy has already entered the markets of the dominated iPad units. No wonder, Apple has been spending it's fortune just to stop the Galaxy units from taking their market shares.

But even if hte Galaxy units are around, many are still opting for the iPad because of the unit"s features. As long as Apple and Samsung is around, there will be more new gadgets to check out in the years to come. This is just the round 1 and there are still more rounds to come.