Thursday, January 26, 2012


Last Wednesday, Me, my wife and Ara went to the pediatrician for another scheduled vaccination of Reese Arabella. The scheduled vaccination is just a booster shots for her Hib, Polio, HPV taken vaccines. This is very important so that her vaccines will be complete. We, as parents, want that our daughter will be safe and sound from this health problems.

Vaccination is quite expensive because just a single shot of the vaccine cost us 2,800 pesos. Before we used to visit the doctor for Ara's monthly vaccination schedule. This time, since she is already one year old, we need to visit the doctor for some booster shots every 3 months.

Our schedule for another booster shot will be on May. Every time we visit the doctor, we have to prepare at least 3,000 pesos for the vaccine. But even though the cost is quite expensive, we still make it sure that Ara has her vaccines so that she will be healthy and safe.