Monday, February 20, 2012


The NBA All Star Games of 2012 is coming and nothing is more exciting than the 2012 slam dunk contest. Last year"s slam dunk contest was just a one sided affair with Blake Griffin in the frontline of all the players. in 2010, I remembered Lebron James making a statement that he will be part of the slam dunk contest but in 2011, his pressence was not around. It was all Blake Griffin.

This 2012 NBA all stars in Orlando, I expect more dunks from Blake Griffin and maybe this time, Lebron James, will be around. Another highlight of this year's NBA all stars is that the rookie and sophomors game. I wanna see Jeremy Lin do some creative moves and assist, especially he is now more worth mentioning than Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets.

The purpose of the NBA games is that it is created for the fans. As a thanks for the support for the teams and the players. The 2012 NBA all stars will be a big blast to all the fans out there.