Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today is a special day for the Chinese. It is because today is the new years day for them. Here in General Santos City is a holiday and I am still here. I hope I will be able to fisnish my field work by tomorrow so that I can get home early.

The Chinese new year is said to be a agood day to start something new in your life. Well, I guess this is really a nice day to start a new business with my wife. This is our plan for this year. We have already communicated with our suppliers and we hope that this year of the water dragon will bring good luck to us.

Yesterday, I bought a waller for my wife and a stuff toy for my daughter, Reese Arabella. I hope she will like this. This is a surprise for her this Chinese new year. I want to surprise her when I get home because every time I arrive, she will greet me in the entrance of our house. I want to give her this stuff toy when I arrive home. My wife told me that I must wrap it to make it a surprise for her. She will be the one to open the gift by destroying the wrapper. I guess I won't do that suggestion because we need to conserve things and not just destroy it. It's still money, you know. To all, Happy New year...Kung Hei Fat Choi!