Saturday, January 21, 2012


Its a rainy Sunday here in General Santos City, the home of Manny Pacquiao. I am still doing my field work and I just can't move fast because of the rain. I think this will be a long gloomy day here in General Santos City. Too bad, I haven't brought any jacket that will give me warm since it is a cold day today.

Since it's raining outside, I plan to go to the mall and check out some things. My wife wants a wallet that I would give her when I get back home. It is said that she will have a good luck this year when she receives a wallet this Chinese New Year this morning. I will be checking out the mall for that lucky wallet for my wife.

I have to finish my field work by Tuesday so that I can get home. Monday is a holiday so, I have no transactions on Monday. This is really the sad part when I am on my field work. I cannot do anything when it is a holiday.