Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Last week was a great week for me. I was able to bond with my little daughter Reese Arabella Rojas. She is already 1 year and 6 months old and full of surprises. Aside from being a father to my daughter, I also did the role of being the teacher to her. As they say that the parents are the first teachers and that is what I did to my daughter.

For last week, I taught her different kinds of shapes. From square to star and I was pretty surprise that my little daughter was able to identify the shapes by pointing to it if I ask her what shape was it. She is learning very fast and rapidly increasing her stock knowledge. I told my wife that it is very important for our daughter to learn in this stage. I added that encourage to open a book for her and read stories because Reese Arabella like to look at the pages and even listen to the stories. Her interest in books is worth mentioning because every time I would open a book to her, she will immediately sit on my lap and start turning the pages. It is quite amazing for a baby to have this kind of interest and I am just happy that she likes sit and read books...soon.

I am planning to buy this chart of numbers so that I can teach her the basic numbers from 1 to 10. And even the alphabet letters. I realized that one week is not enough of being a father and teacher to y daughter. I want her to learn new things and discover new bright ideas. My daughter also likes filing things on stocks. I really can't wait to teach her again when I get back home.