Monday, November 21, 2011


Tomorrow is going to be a anexciting day for me. After 15 days of being in the field, its time to go home and see my family. I started traveling last November 8 and now, I'm going home tomorrow at last. I still have to finish some minor work before going straight home. I am sure that my little baby misses me so much.

Upon going home, I think will drop by in the near conveneince store and buy some pasalubong for my wife and kid. I plan to leave by 10 am or 11 so that I will be in tagum city by 5 pm, enough time to play with my little daughter Reese Arabella Rojas.

Yesterday, I saw her video that was upoloaded by my sister-in-law, a video of my daughter sitting down in the chair of a restaurant and playing peek-a-boo with her tita Joy and tita Jane. I really miss my daugthter. My wife told me that our baby knows a lot of tricks already. Maybe I try to test her once I get home. Davao City here I come!