Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I never expected that I will be hooked to this sport. When I was a kid, me and brothers usually go fishing since our house is near a river. It all started there. We wound go fishing every summer and even take swim in the dark waters of the river at the back of the house. Just last September, me and my friends went fishing. This time, we did not go the river. Instead we went to the beach.

Fishing in salt water is quite different from fishing in fresh water, like the river. There are different strategies and fishing baits to be used. In river fishing, we use earthworms and in the beach, we used small fishes as baits. It is very ideal to fish during early morning, around 5:30 am. It is because fishes would look for food during this hour.

I used to be a fish hunter in the river. But my skill in fishing was not enough in salt water because I am new to it. We are planning again to go fishing this December in Malalag, a small town in Davao Del Sur. I hope I learn much because my skills in fishing will be tested once again.