Friday, November 25, 2011


Today, I am staying here in the house because I am coughing hard and I already have fever added to that. I already informed my supervisor that I will be using my available sick leave for today. I really needed a bed rest. I got this cough during my field work for 2 weeks straight. I never had the chance to stay and sleep in my boarding house because even on Sundays, I have to do my field work.

I am really not accustomed to having field work for 2 weeks straight. It is because I only do field work for 7 days and go home immediately. But this time, I had to complete the field work before I have to go home. Even I am here at home, I am still thinking of my reports that have to be submitted in the main office. I may be resting in the house right now, but my mind is still in the office.

Monday is going to be a hard day for me for my reports. I think I needed to extend beyond 5 pm in the office just to complete my reports. I must complete all the reports before the end of this year. I must not be complacent about about it because our company is evaluating each and everyone of us. I must perform well to this test and have a good standing in the company.