Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today, I am alone with my little daughter, Reese Arabella, here in the house. Our house helper went to Davao City because of her father's birthday. I am baby sitter her while our helper is not around. Since this morning, I am already the one preparing her food, milk and everything. This afternoon, I will be the one to bath her. I guess I needed this kind of break with my little daughter. This is the first time I am the only one watching over her and feeding her.

Its a bonding moment for me and my little angel. Right now, she is asleep after drinking her milk. I am expecting her to wake up around 4 or 5 pm, enough time for my bath and hers too. I haven' t taken my bath yet because I am very focus on my daughter's needs.

The food for tonight is already prepared courtesy of my wife who brought lechon paksiw this noon time. I have everything under control. I get the time to play with my daughter, a very rare occasion that can happen to fathers since we like to designate this kind of responsibility to women in the house. I am glad that I am baby sitting my little daughter. This will be an event worth remembering in the years to come.